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Winter Maintenance Services

When the country is in the grip of winter, make sure your business doesn’t come to a standstill by effectively preparing for adverse weather. Miller Site Services offer reliable winter grounds maintenance services to sites across the UK.

We keep commercial sites safe and fit for purpose all year round to help you plan ahead.

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winter maintenance services
Snow Clearance Services Services

When snow falls heavily, it can bring your business and the roads to a standstill. It is our task to ensure that your business remains safe & accessible at all times. We have snow ploughs mounted on gritters, tractors and even ATV Quads, making hard to access areas much easier. When the surface is clear, our gritting service will ensure left over ice is removed, keeping your site safe.

winter maintenance services
Winter Maintenance

Miller Site Services provides winter maintenance contracts on a per site basis offering you a comprehensive winter maintenance service that is fit for purpose and keeps your site safe and accessible through the winter, be it mild or harsh. We have access to stockpiles of salt and have an extensive range of plant and equipment fit for purpose.

Winter Maintenance Services
Salt Spreading Services

Miller Site Services has and extensive fleet of specialist salt spreading machinery. Whether it be mounted on lorry, ATV, tractor, towed and hand operated we have the capacity to deal with all your salt spreading requirements. Our routes are pre-planned to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact in order to reduce carbon footprint. All equipment provided is fit for purpose and tailored to match your site requirements, so that we don't encounter any possible access issues during our time on site.

winter maintenance services
Salt & Supply Management Services

Road grit is basically rock salt. Rock salt prevents ice from forming in the first place. Rock salt melts existing snow and ice very effectively, but it is more effective when it is ground down by pedestrians and vehicles. That is why it is used to clear ice and snow across the globe and keep surfaces clear afterwards. We have access to large stock piles of salt kept loose in covered warehouses and in bags. This access guarantees us salt supply even in severe winter conditions.