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Steel Sheet Piling
Miller Site Services provides steel piling solutions for earth and water retention, whether temporary or permanent structures.
Steel Sheet Pile Retaining Walls
Miller Site Services can design, supply and install steel sheet piles to create permanent sheet pile retaining walls for multiple purposes.
Temporary Sheet Piling
Steel sheet piles and steelwork bracing frames most often erected to provide various types of temporary earthworks support for varied projects.
Onsite Welding
Miller Site Services provides welding solutions for a wide range of steel fabrication and welding issues.
Winter Maintenance
Miller Site Services provides a national UK wide snow clearance and gritting service for private and public services.

UK Sheet Piling Contractors & Silent Sheet Pile Experts

Miller Site Services is one of the United Kingdom's premier steel sheet piling contractors. We specialise in all methods of driven sheet piling including permanent sheet pile basements, all forms of temporary sheet piling works and sheet pile installation.

Miller Site Services own and operate a full range of specialist steel sheet piling equipment including 'state of the art' Giken and Tosa Silent Piling Vibrationless Hydraulic pile pressing equipment and Telescopic Leader Rigs equipped with modern variable moment vibratory hammers and augering equipment.

Miller Site Services have many years experience with providing solutions for steel sheet piling in innovative ways. We work in industrial, commercial and residential sectors providing permanent steel sheet pile basements and retaining walls, temporary works and bracing, rail and road infrastructure and ports & harbours.

Steel Sheet Piling

Steel Sheet Piles can be installed/extracted using vibratory or percussive methods when the ground conditions are straightforward, and we have a selection of ABI Telescopic Leader Rigs with Vibratory Hammers, Hydraulic Impact Hammers, Auger Drives and several Movax units to go on our 38T Excavators.


Impact Driven Piling

The best way of driving steel sheet piles into difficult ground conditions or the final driving of piles to level in panel form is by using Impact Driving. Using the correct hammer this is the most effective way of completing deep penetration into hard soils in most conditions. This is a noisy process and not suitable for sensitive or restricted areas.


Silent Piling

We also use silent vibrationless techniques using Tosa and Giken silent piling equipment. Pressing or silent and vibrationless methods are very effective in clay soils, less so in dense cohesionless ground unless pre-augering or jetting techniques are used. This is the most effective method when installing sheet piles in sensitive or restricted areas, adjacent to structures, built up areas, cities, railways etc.


Miller Site Services

Steel Sheet Piling

Specialising in all driven sheet piling including permanent sheet pile basements, all forms of temporary sheet piling works and sheet pile installation.

Plant Hire

Our plant hire and equipment is available to suit all types of work carried out including drainage, civil work, muck shifts, demolition, site clearance and river revetment.

On Site Welding Services

Our on site welding services covers fabrication, alterations, hard facing, piling works and cofferdam welding.

Hard Facing Services

Hardfacing extends the life of a construction machine's metal components, making them more resistant to wear, corrosion, abrasion and heat.

Winter Maintenance Services

A professional, reliable and trusted local & UK gritting service to deal with snow removal and ice worries using the best machines available.

Street Lighting Services

Miller Site Services offers a comprehensive range of lighting design, project management, installation and maintenance services.

Why Miller Site Services?

Engineering & Construction Gets Done

Miller Site Services provide the construction and engineering team, the construction, plant and piling services and the expertise to suit your construction project or steel sheet piling requirements and the job is done to a high standard in a timely manner.

We have the Engineering Skills & Experience

We have established a strong presence in the steel sheet piling industry. Our award-winning piling services have earned a reputation for quality and excellence that few can rival. Miller Site Services have been in this business for over 20 years in some form or another. We have developed and enhanced our construction and cicvil engineering skills along the way in order to provide our clients with a top class service.

Reliable Construction Work Force

We turn up on time and projects get completed on time. Miller Site Services always endeavour to work to your timeline and schedule in order to get your project completed to the right standard in the right amount of time. Safety for our employees, customers and the community we work with will always remain our primary focus in all our policies, procedures and programs.

You have more questions?

If you have more questions about a civil engineering matter or our steel sheet piling services here or would like to find out more about something not mentioned on our site then please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Nationwide Sheet Piling Experts

Where projects require lateral earth retention and/or an impermeable barrier to groundwater flows.